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a compelling spam email I received 



Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the United Nations decided to reward so many people around the world with EUR 5,000,000.

Your email address was one of the lucky winners. To receive the award, contact us at with your full name, country and phone number, occupation and monthly income.

United Nations

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Fennec, the open-source version of FF on F-droid does not track anything

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mozilla conflict of interest 

End Mozilla-the-corp.

Give money from the inevitable Google settlement to Mozilla-the-foundation.

Enact UBI so more devs can contribute to the browser without fearing starvation.

Otherwise this absurd conflict-of-interest between making a privacy-oriented browser and the worst surveillance capitalist company providing funding will resolve the other way, with Mozilla continuing to sell its soul, until 'privacy' is no more than marketing.

(Which some might say has already happened...)

Helpful filterlist for uBlock Origin, "Fuck Fuckadblock," a successor to reek's "Anti-Adblock Killer list."

Found a blog post related to that comparison video w/ a more fleshed out script to test DNS blocking effectiveness.


Some fitler list ideas:

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Pros: increased security due to leveraging threat intelligence feeds across multiple providers.

Cons: latency is coupled to the slowest resolver, and decreased privacy due to sending DNS requests to multiple 3rd party resolvers (rather than one or even none w/ something like Unbound).

I wonder if this idea has been implemented anywhere...

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Watching this video [1] comparing the malware blocking effectiveness of 3rd party DNS resolvers got me thinking...

For some security focused use cases wouldn't it be valuable if there were a way to leverage multiple DNS resolvers with a strategy where DNS requests are sent to multiple resolvers in parallel and responses are returned only once it's determined that no resolver blocked the request? 🤔


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Playing with Pi-hole [1] and PiVPN [2] on a VPS and learned about the Pi-hole Remote iOS app [3] on the subreddit [4]. Wow, it’s really nice! 😍


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If you're in tech too, you're not there because you're a superstar of a human few others can compare.

You're there because your knowledge and skills for greasing the wheels of capitalism is much more valuable to the capital owning class than feeding and clothing everyone.

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TIL reading CitizenLab's "Great iPwn" report from last month [1] that Turkey’s Government-run Computer Emergency Response Team (USOM) [2] maintains a public filterlist of malicious hosts they observe.

Hosts: (~90k domains, ~2 MB)


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About 86,000 of the about 1,000,000 videos has GPS coordinates in their metadata. Here is a map of those GPS coordinates

Check it out and look to see if any Parler users uploaded videos from your local community. If you send me the IDs of those videos I'll download them for you

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Nice, @ooni’s Probe app recently added a test to validate connectivity to @riseup’s VPN.


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