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If you're in tech too, you're not there because you're a superstar of a human few others can compare.

You're there because your knowledge and skills for greasing the wheels of capitalism is much more valuable to the capital owning class than feeding and clothing everyone.

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TIL reading CitizenLab's "Great iPwn" report from last month [1] that Turkey’s Government-run Computer Emergency Response Team (USOM) [2] maintains a public filterlist of malicious hosts they observe.

Hosts: (~90k domains, ~2 MB)


If open source means giving Amazon carte blanche to profit from your work and never contribute anything back, open source is worthless.

- Sincerely, an open source developer.

About 86,000 of the about 1,000,000 videos has GPS coordinates in their metadata. Here is a map of those GPS coordinates

Check it out and look to see if any Parler users uploaded videos from your local community. If you send me the IDs of those videos I'll download them for you

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Nice, @ooni’s Probe app recently added a test to validate connectivity to @riseup’s VPN.


“The organization is dedicated to giving technologists tools and resources to ensure that their work is being used for social good and to minimize harm. It develops tools to promote fair, ethical, and pro-social outcomes for those who contribute to, or are affected by, open source technologies.”

Really cool! Been using the Hippocratic License for all my new projects.

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“The creator of the Hippocratic License, an ethical license for open source, and Contributor Covenant, the first and most popular code of conduct for open source projects, today announced the establishment of a new nonprofit, the Organization for Ethical Source (OES).”


“Distributed Denial of Secrets has just released 32 terabytes of videos, images and text posts from alt social media site Parler for download.”

#fediblock is hosting users who openly participate in anti-black actions. From observation, weeks have gone past since a black person reported the person who “didn’t see race”. That person is now mocking the whole conversation and the instance moderators and admins have not done anything to restore or protect black people. This instance is my first block so far.

Huh does Threema not support disappearing/ephemeral messages? Thought it did... 🤔

unity, pol adjacent, negative 

I don't want unity. I want respect, solidarity, understanding, conversation, courage, and accountability. Fuck unity.

Privacy is the bedrock of personhood. It is the right that ensures the encapsulation of the person. All else – self-determination, agency, etc. – derive from this basic protection which we must treat as an inalienable human right.

An example how such education on limitation could look like

Warnings and limitations of Tails:

I wished more software projects had such in the open and well documented for their users to be discovered.

We need users with informed decisions and awareness for privacy and federation. That's a matter of knowledge. Share it with your users.

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Good to see: Mullvad had Cure53 audit the security of their infrastructure.

“The security awareness and overall security posture should be regarded as rather good, as expected Cure53 were not able to discover any Personally-Identifiable-Information attached to Mullvad's end-users.”

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