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“Join Raynbo today and relive the good ol’ days when you could express independent thoughts and views freely, without fear of being “shadow banned,” “jailed,” or even “deplatformed.””

Sex work politics, Liberals, Mention of violence against sex workers 

If you say you support sex workers then you should use your resources to actually support decrim platforms and amplify sex worker voices.
Liberal: Oh, won't you look at the time!? I gotta go! Nice chatting with you tho, remember to vote for Joe Biden!

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Interesting.. The search engine selection preconfigured in Ghostery's upcoming browser (based on Firefox) includes a new one called Tailcat, "The open, unbiased search engine." No privacy policy or about page yet that I can find - just that it's based in Munich, Barcelona 🤔

Ekoru also removed their "Search History & Data Retention" section! Fuckers.

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Splendid, looks like Ekoru (, a search engine similar to Ecosia) modified their privacy policy several times in Nov 2020 and now appears to log IP addresses at least...Thanks Wayback Machine!


oh how the turn tables.

"Parler CEO John Matze has fled his home with his family and they all have gone into hiding after receiving "deaths threats" and "invasive personal security breaches," according to a new filing from Parler's lawyers in the suit with AWS."

And it looks like Proton decided NetShield is only a paid feature. Free users don't get to block malware lol

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Just a quick PSA that a leak was discovered with the Proxy functionality in FreeTube. This occurs when using certain modules for the local API where they bypass the proxy settings. Watching a video is one of the modules where this occurs. Watching the video itself will be proxied properly however the fetching of the video URL will not. I've already made this fix in the dev branch and will include it in the next release. Be aware of this issue when using the proxy settings in #FreeTube

Probably wasn't clear in my last toot..I'd hoped the filter lists Proton uses for this paid NetShield feature to be open source and shareable so that 1) users running say Pi-hole, AdGuardHome, or even uBlock Origin could benefit from that protection and 2) that security researchers could validate Proton's claims and even contribute to that list to help everyone out.

But alas, Proton needs to sell subscriptions.

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Would be insightful for someone to conduct tests against bad sites [1] across security-focused DNS resolvers from Proton, Quad9, CleanBrowsing, Cloudflare, and CIRA Canadian Shield to see which comes out on top. Per site testing against some resolvers can also be conveniently done via by CleanBrowsing.


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Proton's blog posts [1] [2] don't state details on the filter lists being used, only that it's a "massive database of sites known to host malware, spyware, or any other malicious software."

But it looks like they mentioned on Reddit [3], "We have both public and proprietary lists that we maintain." 😕


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Hello to Fediverse newcomers, except for white supremacists; in that case you're not welcome. Delete your account and sit with what a horrid person you are.

news story on WhatsApp 

Looks like WhatsApp is now delaying privacy changes, amid what NYTimes calls a "user exodus"

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Vaccine meta 

Folks 2 months ago: owo there's a vaccine! We could all be vaccinated by end of next year!
Me, a queer: if they actually distribute it to us, when has that ever been a priority for anyone they deem disposable (me)?
The state of OR in January: uwu we're having twubble getting the vaccine out to evewyone sowie
Me: *mentally writing off '22 two weeks into '21*

For those new to the platform, even old ones, you can also search for people across all the public networks here ...

people still hand wringing about "setting a dangerous precedent" over deplatforming people that invite violence are just demonstrating to all of us they still don't- and maybe never will- understand the difference between the free exchange of ideas and conversations between genuine people and people acting with the intent to cause harm

"i know 90% of people dont want me to set this house on fire, but these 10% do and i think its a dangerous precedent to ignore them so i'm setting the house on fire"

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