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If you admin a server, I'd recommend going invite only for a while till we work out whether the fash will try an make inroads on Fediverse after all this censorship that's going down.

stay safe :antifa:


Learned of another self-hostable, privacy-focused front end similar to Teddit called Libreddit.

Source code:

Differences as of now are:
- Libreddit mirrors Reddit’s redesign while Teddit mirrors the old.
- Libreddit is written in Rust while Teddit is in Node.js.

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“Masks Off for The server for is hosted at Read on to learn how I discovered this.”

fediverse moderation question 

hey, is there an instance out there that has written guidelines/expectations/conduct specifically for their mod team? i've skimmed a handful of instances but i've mostly only seen what users can expect to see for mod actions, if anything at all.

(boosts, please!)

I often see people blaming “toxic masculinity” for a lot of things where the true culprit is patriarchy.

Neat! Open-source iOS/iPadOS 14+ app for easily configuring an encrypted DNS profile.

There’s also for generating a custom, shareable profile and my own project,, for some pre-made, shareable profiles.

Good to see! Standard Notes recently completed security audits for cryptography (Trail of Bits) and penetration testing (Cure53).

ProtonVPN on Testflight now has a “NetShield” feature. Free version can block malware, paid subscription supports ad and tracker blocking too. Interested to learn what filter lists it uses 🤔

Been having a blast with “Ori and the Will of the Wisps” on the switch. Definitely worth checking out if you like platformers.

This is helpful; a generator for creating an encrypted DNS configuration profile for you Apple device.



@andreas Also seems that Hope Holdings also run the following:

"Spotify helps me discover new music"

Your know what else helps you discover new music?

Bandcamp Daily had a lot of genre-focused posts, even stuffing deep into genres that get overlooked. has dozens of channels.

Music podcasts exist that cover various musical styles.

International radio stations are a great balm for the wasteland of USA radio.

Magnatune is a label that covers many different genres.

Point being there are better ways to find and support artists then Spotify

Do you have the best, fastest, military-grade VPN that gives you total privacy and anonymity? Your provider might have promised you all these things.

9 out of 10 highly recommended VPN providers made false claims on their website - the only service from our list that passed the test was TunnelBear (no pun intended with the preview image).

Review the complete list and wording examples in our blog post:

Interesting.. apparently Tenet on Blu-ray leaked today. Will need to investigate.

Oh hello, if you have a and got the latest update, there’s now 2 places where Google Analytics is enabled by default where you need to opt out.

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