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TIL US healthcare insurance through a university is less expensive.

“This manual explains how to protect yourself from hackers, in layman’s terms. Six professional hackers 👨‍💻 helped create this guide.”

For those who use Chromium-based browsers I updated my "SSL Server Test" web extension which you can now download on the Chrome Web Store:

“The reality is all work is political work. I don’t care if you’re selling hotdogs on the street. We’re all confronted with choices about how our labor is used, how we direct that, who we are really serving, who we’re working for and who benefits from the labor of our lives.” - Edward Snowden

just use tusky folks. if you're reading this and you wanted to use husky because the upstream app blocks gab / spinster, let me know and i'll swiftly escort you to our blocklist

This is why you do not ever give an inch on hateful speech. It is not "fun" or "harmless," nor is it about "free speech." It is a testing of the waters, a rattling of the locks to see how far they can go, then farther, and farther. Don't give bigots your tacit agreement that you value their company more than the safety of marginalized groups. They acted against the basic rules of social behavior. Treat them like it.

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Linux yt is awful 

@chaomodus yeah would *really* like to watch some OS videos without wondering if this guy is a Nazi or a friend of Nazis. At this point I only trust tech vloggers of color and not too far at that.

Looks like VSCodium's APT repo hit GitLab's rate limit recently. Here's a workaround from the maintainer:

In honour of Mozilla renewing its half-billion dollar deal with surveillance capitalist Google to continue protecting your privacy, we will be launching Greenzilla to protect the environment funded by half a billion dollars from ExxonMobil.

Mozilla Google budget screaming 

@ParadeGrotesque Psst, they’re not a not-for-profit. They’re a not-for-profit that owns a half-billion dollar for-profit corporation. Or, as their head of EU public policy once told me: “We’re just another Silicon Valley tech company, why are you holding us to a greater standard?”

Gee, I wonder why.

Maybe because that’s not how you present yourselves…

> Mozilla and Google are expected to extend their current search deal for another three years, multiple sources have told ZDNet.

> The new search deal will ensure Google remains the default search engine provider inside the Firefox browser until 2023 at an estimated price tag of around $400 million to $450 million per year.

tech culture is bad enough without the horrible corporate anti-human PR speak

anyway, give money to poor people and fund tech projects that don't suck butts

...and here’s a devastating list of all the teams that have been gutted by the Mozilla Corp executives:

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jesus, racists and capitalists really fucking ruined the internet, didn't they

Stop making websites that look good in Chrom* and shit everywhere else.

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