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New blog post: How to use the Zoom malware safely on Linux if you absolutely have to

“When I agreed to speak at Creative Mornings Istanbul tomorrow, I didn’t know they were holding the event over Zoom. I guess it’s fitting that the series I’m speaking at is called Insecure.“

So like

If you thought that abolishing the police would free up lots of money to fund much-needed public programmes

Let me tell you about the military

One of the best explanations I've ever heard about how we're assimilated to white supremacist "productivity" culture from before we're born.

Hersey says that even if you want to ignore the concept of white supremacist capitalism, on a biological level not allowing your body to rest is a violent act.

Shouts out to Ayanna Young for amplifying the words of Tricia Hersey.

Hey, has anyone started a list for News and other sources, which are fairly representing the Protests, CHAZ, council meetings etc.

If not I'd love to start one, and am happy to take any links!

nerds getting mad over a few open source projects finally replacing the master/slave terminology for processes is the most pathetic nerd shit imaginable. changing the terms affects nothing in terms of how the software runs. It literally changes nothing but creates a slightly more welcoming environment for non-white programmers.

It's incredibly sad and frustrating seeing these assholes vociferously defending something so completely unimportant.

not to be depressing but looking at covid numbers right now and the situation is basically as bad as it was in march but the government doesnt want to keep giving us money so theyre giving up

Y’all: Rioting and looting doesn’t do anything.

Historians: The only thing in history that has worked for the general public inciting change has been a riot,a protest, or a looting- like the Civil Rights Movement, Suffragettes, and Stonewall.

Y’all: Well, violence isn’t the answer

Historians: MLK was peaceful and you still shot him dead, and America is one of the most historically violent countries in the world, how ironic.

JUST SAY YOU DON’T SUPPORT BLACK LIVES MATTER AND LEAVE instead of finding an excuse as to why you shouldn’t care that again and again and again Black people are completely brutalised by police and police are never criminalized for it.

Copied and pasted from a friend. Feel free to do the same and call out racists where they stand.

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the reason you know cops arent workers is that cops withholding their "labor" is literally the best possible outcome for society

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Honestly; it's encouraging to hear that cops are feeling pretty emotionally beat up and making whiny speeches and stuff, and we should absolutely continue to treat them like shit. This should be their new normal.

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gofundme for injured protestor, description of injuries from cop violence

"Aubrey was at a protest in Seattle, Wa on 6/7/20 when an explosive was thrown directly at her chest by the SPD. The medic team grabbed her immediately and helped treat her. In this time she lost a pulse several times. They were able to get her to the hospital and she is in stable condition but in a lot of pain."

She is out of the hospital and staying with a friend.

I'm seeing lots of FLOSS advocates favorite this post about Ethical Open Source #EOS , and that's good. I know you're scared of boosting this topic because in the past this draws out the worst in the community. But, that's exactly why you should be sharing Ethical Open Source and advocating for it. The FLOSS community is historically toxic, a hidey-hole for racists and the like, and by never bringing up these issues, it will continue to be. Not being racist is not enough, you have to be anti-racist. (read that last part again)

Try actually boosting it. Expose people to a new possibility in terms of how software could protect users. Quit being scared of channers and asshole contributors yelling slurs at you to try keeping minorities out of the community. Tear racism and antisemitism up and out of your community and actually protect the minorities that all your inclusion programs claim they care so much about; before they get run out like clockwork by the racists, homophobes, and antisemites that FLOSS communities have historically hosted generously. Enough lip-service, actually do something. Not just with #EOS but with a moderation policy that actually reflects the values in y'all's CoC's on every platform where discussion occurs from social media and mailing lists to software forums and issue trackers.

#FLOSS #opensource #freesoftware #blacklivesmatter

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left meta 

in other words, personal choices matter, but think about how different things would be if it was about ending capitalist exploitation by the meat industry (and big agriculture in general) of all animals, both human and not?

so then there'd be none of this "veganism: pro and con", "vegans: pro and con", "PETA: pro and con", "the gunk between your toes: pro and con" never-ending debating back and forth as "raising awareness", just "yeah, that exploitative bullshit has to go".

John Oliver's piece on policing is pretty well-done and good to share with any white folks who still aren't convinced:

Domain Block

Admin is shitting out some super disingenous pro-cop, anti-black bullshit.


If you don't want cops or military using your open / sharealike software and you actually mean it, then consider Ethical Open Source (EOS) licensing options which are analogous to your project's current licensing scheme. Lip service means nothing when your facial recognition tech is being used for state surveillance and oppression and you could throw a legal wrench in the cogs of the machine.

(check their related licenses page for a more complete list)


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