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Also worth noting is only 1 device connection per account.

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Whoa, when did Njalla offer a $5/month OpenVPN and WireGuard VPN?

After some testing, it looks like one server option in Sweden; IPv6 supported and their hosting provider is CYBERDYNE.

Njalla is by the same cofounder of The Pirate Bay and IPredator, Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi.

Dear PrivacyTools community, after a lot of work during the past few months, we are proud to present our new email page.

It now comes with a neat criteria section, and a ton of other information. Major shout out to our team member daniel for being the driving force behind this assignment :)

Go take a look and enjoy!


Heya #admins, you'll want to upgrade to 3.1.2 ASAP as it contains a security fix.

between this and VVVVVV having source released earlier this year i am really happy for people to have a window into the functioning of real games

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“The world’s first worker-owned, post-capitalist streaming service. No advertisements or product placements. No corporate backers or VC cash ever. We're entirely funded by people like you.”

A work-in-progress site for comparing search engines across data points that interest me 🙂

Whoa, this is awesome resource 😯 A curated list of technologies by the Humane Tech Community.

“This list focuses on (mostly open-source) projects that are directly related to humane tech topics.”

Learn more:

Remember in 2018 when Ghostery emailed their users about GDPR privacy policy updates and *forgot to blind carbon copy, exposing all emails in the To: field*?

I sent an email of complaint to the BBC about their use of CNAME cloaking, and now they have removed it from their site!

Just goes to show what actual communication with companies can do!

Here's a Firefox about:config rule for opening new tabs right next to the current one. Default behavior is appending to the end of the tab bar.

browser.tabs.insertAfterCurrent => true

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