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*For convenience* you can install this simple, open-source extension to add @privacytools's search engine to Firefox.

Source code:

Please keep in mind though that you can also add the engine via the search or address bar ( 😃

High prices and debt mean millennials don't plan to stop renting, and that's before their parents retire and become dependent on them

> If there was ever a moment for intergenerational solidarity, this is it. Neither boomers nor the generations after them have a future under neoliberalism and inequality.

the US military is an almost purely evil force and any good that it does could easily be subsumed by literally any other kind of structure that doesnt also indiscriminately murder people

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This seems like a chilling conversation for Americans:

Affiliate marketing schemes are untrustwothy by design. There's no better example of this than VPN "review" sites.

I’m still processing what I watched. S04E7 of was the best television I’ve seen since... I don’t know.

ThinkPrivacy now has a discussion forum for those new to privacy to get help and discuss and products and services out there trying to help them along the way.

Sign up if you need help, or want to help out!

Gab + FDroid meta 

The low-down: FDroid is fine with hosting forks (ie. alternative versions) of the app Tusky that explicitly remove blocks that Tusky implemented against fascist instances. This includes Gab.

FDroid's inaction is helping fascists find these forks and letting them more easily access these disgusting instances.

Tusky did their part. Now why isn't @fdroidorg doing theirs, despite these apps allowing bigots to be bigots?


star signs? i judge people by which TF2 class they mained

white supremacy search engine? 

A white supremacist forum got hacked and leaked.

The contents are now... searchable?

:birdsite:​ is suspending accounts that share it.

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