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> FWIW I no longer see this kinda thing as anxiety really. So long as it doesn’t disrupt my life too much security steps are just peace of mind that make me feel better, even if I don’t need all of em. It’s like taking away a constant low level anxiety I got used to. Good for me.


> If you requested money from Equifax for leaking your personal data, you’ll need to provide more information by October 15th. The Equifax settlement administrator sent an email with details over the weekend. It asks consumers to confirm that they’re actually signed up for credit monitoring, which is a prerequisite for requesting the money. If they can’t do that, they can amend their claim to request free credit monitoring. Otherwise, the claim will be denied.

> King County [in , WA] lost FEMA homelessness funding because the region is too wealthy
> Despite its homelessness "state of emergency," King County no longer qualifies for a federal grant used by local shelters and food banks.

Check out this week's progress for the #Glimpse project:

We addressed a common misconception, appeared on The Register, discussed this project's name and made a number of code changes/decisions.

New @privacytools blog post especially for iOS users! ✨ Here's how to enable DNS over HTTPS using any custom provider, including the ones we recommend:

> In July 2019, the forum for webcomic XKCD suffered a data breach that impacted 562k subscribers. The breached phpBB forum leaked usernames, email and IP addresses and passwords stored in MD5 phpBB3 format. The data was provided to HIBP by white hat security researcher and data analyst Adam Davies.


@louwestin @astheroth @fdroidorg If being free software means I can not oppose fascism, then honestly, I have no interest in free software. Some things are far more important than software freedom, and this in one,

The Internet service providers of Hong Kong condemned government threats to block social media services. We echo their call to keep the Internet open. Freedom of speech is a basic human right—and our service will ensure private and secure Internet access.

Very cool project I found today: "Spectre, Meltdown, Foreshadow, Fallout, RIDL, ZombieLoad vulnerability/mitigation checker for & BSD.”

Helpful site for more context:

Dear #privacytoolsio community, after quite a bit of work, #ptio now has a darkmode on the website thanks to the ongoing efforts of our valued team member Dawid Potocki.

To test it out, just go to and click the theme button in the top left corner :)

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