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As part of our plan to overhaul our VPN section at, we can now proudly present our now VPN layout:

Note that we can still add a few refinements later on. Also at the end of 2019 we will re investigate all vpns listed, and lock the amount of providers we recommend to 3.
What do you all think?

The fediverse is big. The map of the fediverse is starting to reflect that! now includes more server types!


“Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption publisher Rockstar Games has been accused of tax avoidance in a new report. Investigative thinktank Tax Watch UK states in its report that Rockstar's combined companies paid zero corporation tax in the United Kingdom between 2009 and 2018, despite lifetime sales of Grand Theft Auto V totaling an estimated US $6 billion.”

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Nice. So Equifax's data breach claim page has Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google trackers.


Show your solidarity with Iranian devs having their GitHub accounts restricted by US sanctions.

I just call it Microsoft GitHub these days. Does half the job of communicating the risks of it being a hard dependency for FOSS projects in particular.

"the ads don't bother me much. i hardly notice them anymore" is such a cursed thing to hear, every time i hear it

hey, eric is multiply disabled and needs an electric wheelchair to get around, but the healthcare system being what it is makes it impossible for one person to afford on their own! he's running a campaign to help him afford the wheelchair he needs to continue being a speaker and student and if you can it'd be really good to help him get the accessibility he needs to do the things he wants to do!

And now the Gist has been removed. But it’s available on

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Gorhill's proof-of-concept extension code is still up: His tweets about it though have been deleted.

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Great... looks like the Chrome team is denying public access to this... and it wasn't captured beforehand in the wayback machine..

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Threat of harrassment, David Bond, Gab 

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Block meta ranting 

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@andreas i'm calling that move 'forced federation' because that's the end result

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