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"Police officers were reportedly asked to leave a Tempe Starbucks for making customers feel unsafe, sparking the #DumpStarbucks campaign"

Now the juicy partπŸ‘‡πŸ»
"The hashtag "#DumpStarbucks" is trending on Twitter, after the Tempe Officers Association tweeted a logo seemingly designed in 2012 by the National Organization for Marriage to protest Starbuck's support of same-sex marriage."


βœ… So no M4A
βœ… no military cuts
βœ… $500/month max for Rx
βœ… And Housing stays at its normal level of unaffordability

@JoYo @maloki A techbro is often under the illusion that they're woke because they're liberal, so nothing anyone says that might suggest they're in any way biased seems like it could possibly be true.

For someone coming from that perspective, the best thing is to lurk more. Techbros often "just ask questions" without considering how draining it is for someone already marginalized to explain their experiences to someone who may very well argue against them. Just watch and listen.

tech bro: we can write algorithms to drive cars, keep quad copters balanced, manipulate the stock market, and exploit workers

also tech bros: banning white supremacists is too hard of a problem

Are you the kind of person who feel a bit iffy when you get called a TechBro? You may not feel that it should apply to you? You're wondering why everyone's so rude to you?

Well, there's a text out there, which can help enlighten you! And if you like being enlighten and have all the information/cards in order to make a decision, allow me to present you with this guide/resource!


since getting my Switch a couple years ago and playing more indie games I find it very interesting how, when you dont have shitty triple A game companies involved, many games are more than happy to have players play as women.

If you are an Android user, using Chrome, I can *highly* recommend Bromite:

Recently, Bromite has teamed up with GrapheneOS (Daniel Micay), which is a very positive collaboration.

thoughts on the FOSS community at large 

re: are you on fosstodon dot org? 

cops -; sarcasm 

public transit hot take 

rant about foss nerds and the software industry 

racism is when i, a white man, am told that publicly announcing that i dont care about other peoples feelings is a shitty thing to do

SBC meta, 

@Duende oh my god!! why do people feel the need to describe Trump or WHOEVER the fuck as a 'narcissist!' he's one of the most powerful people in the world and he's always had class status that made him uncontradictable, the reason he's a fucking shitbag is NOT that there is Something Inherently Different About His Brain and it's so! telling! that 'progressives' will reach for psychiatric pathology so fast rather than going "well, isn't this behavior kind of expected of the imperviously powerful?"

ACP domain silence and upcoming block 

instance block rec 

Saw this thread the other day, and didn’t realize the accessibility and inclusivity of using tabs. Will be strictly using tabs for my future projects.

concentration camp, USA, ICE 

Let's take a day of silence for all the lives America takes past and present.

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