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@Privatepower42 Oh they do? I think only on their site and blog they use Matomo ( And on their iOS app at least they use Bugsnag ( but with the ability to opt out.

TIL about a subreddit for "TVs that are too high." I didn't realize this was a massive pet peeve of mine until now lol

My current collection of domain-based filterlists for Pi-hole, ~4M unique. Excessive? Maybe, but I don't mind 😅

nice, I can now get RSS feeds for these email-only newsletters using

- This Week in Security:

- The Wiretap:

Quad9 is moving to Switzerland:

“The Swiss government produced findings of law that Quad9 is exempt from both law enforcement and intelligence data-collection and retention requirements, as well as KYC.”

- Discussion:

Help users in Iran reconnect to Signal

“We’ve added support in Signal for a simple TLS proxy that is easy to set up, can be used to bypass the network block, and will securely route traffic to the Signal service.”

@polymerwitch this fragile script I wrote may interest you (and hopefully still works)—will generate a .ovpn file for connecting to riseup which you could do so using 3rd party OpenVPN apps. Although their API options are limited to TCP/443, I think UDP/1194 is supported and you can select the server, just need to modify the file 🙂

Interesting new open-source iOS app, ZudVPN. Deploy a personal IKEv2 VPN with Pi-hole to a VPS *from* the app.


Added to for Apple devices:

- Faelix Privacy DoH:
- Free Radio Munich DoH:

And now looks like there are signed profiles directly from and

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a compelling spam email I received 



Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the United Nations decided to reward so many people around the world with EUR 5,000,000.

Your email address was one of the lucky winners. To receive the award, contact us at with your full name, country and phone number, occupation and monthly income.

United Nations

@silmathoron good to know! You’re right, looks like sharing is disabled by default.

Fennec, the open-source version of FF on F-droid does not track anything

mozilla conflict of interest 

End Mozilla-the-corp.

Give money from the inevitable Google settlement to Mozilla-the-foundation.

Enact UBI so more devs can contribute to the browser without fearing starvation.

Otherwise this absurd conflict-of-interest between making a privacy-oriented browser and the worst surveillance capitalist company providing funding will resolve the other way, with Mozilla continuing to sell its soul, until 'privacy' is no more than marketing.

(Which some might say has already happened...)

Helpful filterlist for uBlock Origin, "Fuck Fuckadblock," a successor to reek's "Anti-Adblock Killer list."

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