harvested organs from political prisoners on substantial scale, says tribunal

And reported last week...

State Dept. official: China holding 800k Muslim minorities in internment camps

Published exactly a year ago.

“An exclusive analysis of data from the 50 largest local police departments in the United States shows that police shoot Americans more than twice as often as previously known.”

Just finished (iamnotyournegrofilm.com). An incredible and crushing doc. Wish all could watch it; if you can, please do.

Also, it’s available to stream for free on (hoopladigital.com) and (kanopy.com/product/i-am-not-yo) if your library supports those services!

Unsettling and crucial doc about Israel’s relentless within the US.

The Occupation of the American Mind

In summary:
- Exxon Mobile knew since at least the 70s about the potential harm caused by global warming and greenhouse gas emissions.

- In the 80s, they concluded that global warming would actually be good for profits; the polar ice caps would melt, making it easier to get at Arctic oil reserves.

- They started to collaborate with other fossil fuel companies to knowingly lie about CO2 emissions and its effects, in order to stop any global coordinated efforts to to prevent climate change.

Saw this on a local shop’s window while walking around Ashland, OR. So, so true. Keep supporting your local businesses 🙌🏼 nitro.horse/media/LGEUOwy0-WP8


“Millions of Chinese nationals have been blocked from booking flights or trains as Beijing seeks to implement its controversial “social credit” system, which allows the government to closely monitor and judge each of its 1.3 billion citizens based on their behaviour and activity.

The system, to be rolled out by 2020, aims to make it “difficult to move” for those deemed “untrustworthy”, according to a detailed plan published by the government this week.”

This is a fork of LineageOS specifically designed to be Google/Apple free.

"Leaving Apple & Google: /e/ first beta is here! – Hacker Noon"


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Super helpful block of code to add to your .zshrc file for calling `nvm use` automatically in a directory with a .nvmrc file: github.com/creationix/nvm#zsh

teen vogue posting an introduction to anarchism is a strange but beautiful thing

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