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> DoorDash has no mention of its massive data breach on its homepage. There's nothing on its Twitter or Facebook page, either.

> What's also weird is DoorDash's robots file ( hides "/securitynotice" from Google, so people can't even search it.

- @privacytools I think you can then set the upstream encrypted DNS provider to an ad-blocking one such as AdGuard [8], dnswarden [9], NextDNS [10], or NixNet [11].

[11] @privacytools AlgoVPN [4] and Streisand [5] are also easy-to-setup self-hosted WireGuard VPNs. They don't come preconfigured with Pi-hole but Algo comes with dnscrypt-proxy [6] and Streisand with cloudflared [7] for encrypted DNS.

[7] @privacytools hmm 🤔 I think you can only have one iOS VPN profile active at a time.

For a VPN + ad/tracker blocking + encrypted DNS solution, you could look into self-hosting a WireGuard VPN [1] + Pi-hole (blocklist management) + cloudflared [2] or dnscrypt-proxy [3] (encrypted DNS).


Hi Fediverse

it seems to me that closed down it's services. All social media accounts are deleted and the site is currently offline.

Unfortunately, I have no clue what happened, I'm as surprised as you are. I already contacted the French, Italian and Turkish version of the site.

In case someone knows anything about what happened or has backups of one/multiple pages of the website, I would be very happy to get in touch with you.

#SwitchingSocial #offline

if you are a programmer and your reaction to people asking you to lighten their workload is an eyeroll you are in the wrong fucking profession.

> FWIW I no longer see this kinda thing as anxiety really. So long as it doesn’t disrupt my life too much security steps are just peace of mind that make me feel better, even if I don’t need all of em. It’s like taking away a constant low level anxiety I got used to. Good for me.


> If you requested money from Equifax for leaking your personal data, you’ll need to provide more information by October 15th. The Equifax settlement administrator sent an email with details over the weekend. It asks consumers to confirm that they’re actually signed up for credit monitoring, which is a prerequisite for requesting the money. If they can’t do that, they can amend their claim to request free credit monitoring. Otherwise, the claim will be denied.

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