@freddyym I’m interested in that article 🙂 also, congrats!

wtf techcrunch.com on mobile browsers redirects through Verizon Media’s guce.advertising to give visitors a unique session ID.


Nuclear: a super cool desktop music player for streaming audio from YouTube, Jamendo, and SoundCloud 😍


the prevailing opinion in the open source software sphere seems to be that if the program isn't working properly for you, it's your fault. obviously you were supposed to do X, not Y. obviously you need this installed first. obviously you can't use it like that.

when you work with software, it's very very easy to think that everyone interprets things the way you do. of course the end user is going to know the difference between authentication and authorisation, right? who wouldn't?

the point behind open source is, at its core, accessibility. the code should be accessible to all, and they should all be able to use it the way they like. so why don't we also take the concept of accessibility through understandable language seriously? it's no good having your program be usable on any computer if only some of the target audience can even understand how to use it.

this MLK day, consider actually giving Letter from a Birmingham Jail a read. It's not long, and MLK criminally gets mostly digested through trite soundbites and quotrs. His thoughts deserve to be read and understood in full.


Signal Foundation fix your fucking desktop client challenge 2020

Upcoming Pi-hole features:

- Storage of lists from files to a database for more control over enabling and disabling items in the lists, and even the ability to add comments to remind you why you blocked/allowed something
- Per-client blocking
- Deep CNAME inspection


“Apple announced in a report Friday that it received a record-high 3,619 requests from the US government for users' account information in the first half of 2019, up 36% from the previous six-month period.

“Apple said it complied with 90% of those requests, which generally asked for customers' iTunes or iCloud account details and occasionally their iCloud data.”


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