Really like this video on the behavioral differences when copying JavaScript objects vs primitives. I realize this has been tripping me up so committing this to memory 💡

@Jo iirc I remember not being able to beat Veronica Voltage in a time trial race which was incredibly frustrating lol

Seeing the new Lego Rocket Racer minifig [1] gives me so much nostalgia playing the old Lego Racers game on PC [2] as a kid. One of my favorites. Want to see if I can play the N64 version on my Linux laptop!


Imagine if Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos decided they were going to use their wealth to build a private control center for their surveillance networks, hire an engineer form Lockheed martin to make them specialty weapons, pay a cosplay artist to make them a funny suite, and then start doing vigilante patrols to attack the marginalized.

That's why Batman sucks.

This really sucks (read thread). And has told me more than I need to know about CalyxOS. Won’t be looking into it any further as a potential alternative (microG is a deal-breaker for any longer-term solution anyway).

#calyxos #grapheneOS #privacy

Watched The Secret of NIMH last night after seeing it recommended enough. Yeah, it's really good. Still thinking about it.

Learned of nice command line tool called doggo.

> doggo is a modern command-line DNS client (like dig) written in Golang. It outputs information in a neat concise manner and supports protocols like DoH, DoT and DNSCrypt as well.

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