Bibbeo gaem violence 

I will buy Cyberpunk 2077 when it launches and I will commit to playing the game like this:

Every time I meet someone, I figure out whether they're a cop. If they're a cop, they die.

This includes rent-a-cops because they're basically the same thing in the corporate hell of cyberpunk 2077.

Respect this flag or go to hell. Black Trans lives matter because it sure as fuck isnt white trans people getting murdered.

you should also mention that the other popular Firefox fork called "Basilisk" is maintained by the same team of bigots.

So fuck Palemoon and fuck Basilisk.


I hope none of you nerds here use Palemoon as an alternative Firefox browser because the developer just came out against anti-racist measures and positions.


Welcome to Element! We’ve renamed, and as Element and we’re ready to bring decentralised communication to the masses with!! Read all about it at 🔥🌊💨🌎️💃🚀🍾


@ljwrites software and video game cultures are sorta pushing me out of being a software engineer.
I’ve been less and less into computing as time goes on, I think the culture is not great and I sorta just see foss as a way for corporations to exploit free labor.
Idk I loved programming since I was a kid but I think these problems that you’re speaking of are getting worse, and it’s making me disinterested in continuing on in the scene, both for fun and professionally.

Oh, and just a casual reminder that the mass surveillance and data mining infrastructure you're so nervous about runs on free and open source software, including most prominently Linux servers. No that doesn't mean Linux, its developers, or users are necessarily badwrong or no one should use Linux or whatever, but it does mean that the vague and ill-defined idea that free software is some kind of guarantee of moral purity or would set us all "free" from corporate control was always a lie. To the free software ideologues, here's your freedom: The freedom of corporations to pay pennies to build a digital Panopticon. To the open source utilitarians, here's your efficiency gain: You've helped build truly impressive tools to violate our privacy. Fuck you all and your laughable moralization of technology.

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It sickens me that some of the biggest media figures in #Linux and #FreeSoftware are alt-right or adjacent, making these spaces actively hostile to the groups already excluded from tech and making young people in particular easy to target with hateful rhetoric.

The White Stripe Is For Non-Binary type colonialism in NB spaces 

the discourse today surrounding the middle stripe of the trans flag pretty well encapsulated some of the reasonings i feel to not latch onto 'non-binary' as an identity

binarism is a white western idea forced onto us by colonizers, but the colonist slant remains even in non-binary spaces so long as white people continue to talk over and belittle the Black and Indigenous queer folk that have and continue to do the hard labor of decolonizing gender norms. throwing off the lashings of my binary gender was meant to be freeing but there remains those that wish to police the space to their own aesthetic morality of whiteness.

my culture, my history, my perspective of the world as an indigenous person removed from my homeland by invasion and made into an amalgamation of things haphazardly thrown together to create a new identity all heavily influence my gender status, one that cannot find a place beside the white gaze of "The White Stripe Is For NonBinary" Non-Binarism

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Headline: US can contain the virus in 4-8 weeks if everyone wears a mask

Subtext: Jesus christ we're all fucked

Really interesting example of a privacy issue highlighted on r/privacy yesterday:

> visited a roommate's place and was bombarded with ads about engagement rings when I used his wifi. I asked him if he was going to propose to his girlfriend and he was shocked I found out. Helped him install PiHole/network wide ad blocking before she found out.

seattle poll 

from KOMO News Ch 5 in #Seattle

"Do you support the idea of defunding the Seattle Police Department budget by 50 percent?"

click-thru to vote on twitter

PeerTube moderation / white supremacism mention 

@m4iler @pinkprius @PeerTube_Isolation I’ve learned that he dog-whistles to the alt-right with chan imagery, and vomits up trash for his blog.. *Tosses in bin*


sea city council/defunding cops (+) 

from K Sawant on twitter Monday morning, July 13, 2020

"In Jul-Aug, Seattle City Council will vote on budget for rest of 2020.

Estimate of 50% of Seattle police budget for rest of 2020 is $85M.

Our movement is demanding Defund police by at least 50%. My office & People's Budget is proposing this $85M be removed, in the August vote."

people really say "Well we need to listen to both sides" and then only listen to center right to alt right sources unironically and call that being moderate

Repeat after me: blockchain is centralised.

You want to tilt the power dynamics to favour social justice? You don’t do that by making a billion copies of the same database. You do it by ensuring that a billion people can have their own unique databases.

Expend your energy to realise topological decentralisation not global proofs. Sure, it won’t make you a billionaire but if that’s what you want, what the fuck you reading my feed for?

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