Bitwarden users, new trash can feature: “Deleted items are now placed in a Trash folder for 30 days”

Reminder that the Seattle-based, anarchist, tech collective, Riseup, has a free VPN. It's powered by user donations and can help if your ISP is blocking sites.


Switzerland-based ProtonVPN is another reputable choice for bypassing ISP censorship. Its free plan is subsidized by their paid plans.


But if you're looking for strong anonymity and privacy, use Tor!


Some tips from the EFF (

Before the Protest
- Enable full-disk encryption on your device
- Remove fingerprint unlock and FaceID
- Install Signal
- Back up your data
- Buy a prepaid, disposable phone
- Consider biking or walking to the protest (to avoid Automated License Plate Reader Systems)

During the Protest
- Take photos and videos without unlocking your device
- Enable airplane mode

After the Protest
- Scrub metadata on photos

“It is absolutely correct. We kill people based on metadata. But that's not what we do with this metadata.” - Michael Hayden, ex-director of the NSA and CIA @ 17:59

“Disable the fucking scripts.”

Snowden to Poitras and Gellman about disabling JavaScript when using the Tor Browser Bundle.

From the new book, “Dark Mirror.” A fascinating read so far.

This is really cool to see: in addition to SimpleLogin, another email cloaking provider, AnonAddy, now has detailed self-hosting instructions.

- Instructions:
- More:

- Instructions:
- More:

This is good: “How to decode a data breach notice... The next time you get a data breach notification, read between the lines. By knowing the common bullshit lines to avoid, you can understand the questions you need to ask.”


Nice, @protonmail on iOS supports removing image metadata and opening links in Firefox/DuckDuckGo/Onion Browser.

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