"Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity."

- sub.Media, 'What is Race?'


’s book, “From Democracy to Freedom: The difference between government and self-determination” is a great read and also free in PDF format. Donate if you can!


> ...what would it mean to seek freedom directly rather than through democratic rule?

"I became an Anarchist when I decided to drop the theories and stop seeking power. When I stopped concerning myself with those things I realised that true Anarchy is my nature. It is our nature. It is what we were doing before the theories arrived, it is what we were doing before we were encouraged to be in competition with each other."

- Benjamin Zephaniah, 'Why I Am an Anarchist'


Lots of great, free music from CrimethInc., “an international network of aspiring revolutionaries” (crimethinc.com), over on their Bandcamp page: crimethinc.bandcamp.com

Their purpose: The “pursuit of a freer and more joyous world”

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