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So yesterday Seattle Mayor Durkan “announced that police in the city are banned from using tear gas for the next 30 days.”

And tonight the Seattle PD with the National Guard used flashbangs, pepper spray, and tear gas on us.

Short video clip attached found on Bird Site showing the start of the cops’ escalation:

Nice, @protonmail on iOS supports removing image metadata and opening links in Firefox/DuckDuckGo/Onion Browser.

Fixed a broken npm module I wrote a year ago for getting the first 10 search results in your terminal. Now results include their 'anonymous proxy' link.

Source code:

Researchers Say They Caught an iPhone Zero-Day Hack in the Wild

“Following an exploit attempt (both successful / unsuccessful) on iOS 12 – users may notice a sudden crash of the Mail application... On iOS13, besides a temporary slowdown, it would not be noticeable.”

Until a patch is available in iOS 13.4.5,
workaround is basically don’t use and disable mail fetching. 😬

Dammit, I fell for it 😆 IP address is Should’ve thought of decoding the DNS stamp first.

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