Here’s a way (on iOS 14) of combining a WireGuard VPN with a separate encrypted DNS resolver: install a DNS profile ( or app (DNSecure, NextDNS, iVerify) and then remove the DNS server(s) in your WireGuard profile.

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Ekoru also removed their "Search History & Data Retention" section! Fuckers.

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Splendid, looks like Ekoru (, a search engine similar to Ecosia) modified their privacy policy several times in Nov 2020 and now appears to log IP addresses at least...Thanks Wayback Machine!

ProtonVPN on Testflight now has a “NetShield” feature. Free version can block malware, paid subscription supports ad and tracker blocking too. Interested to learn what filter lists it uses 🤔

Like twice/week MySudo pushed these spammy notifications with no option to opt out without disabling notifications altogether. 😠

Whoa 😮 “Raspberry Pi 400: a complete personal computer, built into a compact keyboard” for $70.

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