Web Request and Declarative Net Request: Explaining the impact on Extensions in Manifest V3

> One of these changes is to move away from the blocking version of the Web Request API towards a new API... this change is meant to give developers a way to create safer and more performant ad blockers...we are currently planning to change the rule limit from maximum of 30k rules per extension to a global maximum of 150k rules.

“Thousands of education workers from all around the commonwealth of Virginia descended on the capitol city of Richmond [on 1/28/19 to demand better working conditions and pay] in what was the largest single demonstration on the Capitol since 1916.”

— wobsouth.info/richmond-va-educ

image from old.reddit.com/r/LaborWave/com

Whoa very cool! TIL about ’s “Anonymous View” proxy:

“Instead of disabling , the Startpage.com Proxy uses advanced, unique technology to allow almost all JavaScript, while rewriting and “redefining” JavaScript primitives to protect your privacy.”


Reddit discussion: old.reddit.com/r/privacy/comme

This by Mark Ferrari from 1996 🤩

"From Seize The Day calendar utility, and later used in the computer game, Magic: The Gathering - BattleMage, by Akklaim. Constructed to animate by color cycling, and change time of day and weather condition by means of palette shift."


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