Dammit, I fell for it 😆 IP address is Should’ve thought of decoding the DNS stamp first. dnscrypt.info/stamps/

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Hmm, Keybase has a bot for sending/receiving SMS: keybase.io/smsbot

More on Keybase bots: keybase.io/blog/bots

I wonder if this bot can receive SMS short codes for account verification 🤔

2) They replaced "We do NOT record your IP address, browser data, or operating system" with the vague phrase, "We do NOT collect any personally identifiable information (PII).
3) They removed "We do NOT share your search data with governments."

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> DoorDash has no mention of its massive data breach on its homepage. There's nothing on its Twitter or Facebook page, either.

> What's also weird is DoorDash's robots file (doordash.com/robots.txt) hides "/securitynotice" from Google, so people can't even search it.

- nitter.net/zackwhittaker/statu

Nice. So Equifax's data breach claim page has Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google trackers.


Web Request and Declarative Net Request: Explaining the impact on Extensions in Manifest V3

> One of these changes is to move away from the blocking version of the Web Request API towards a new API... this change is meant to give developers a way to create safer and more performant ad blockers...we are currently planning to change the rule limit from maximum of 30k rules per extension to a global maximum of 150k rules.

This is really helpful: a shell script to test the performance of the most popular DNS resolvers from your location. By cleanbrowsing.org


"...when I disabled uBlock Origin, [thedailybeast.com] reported connections to 132 distinct base domains, and 200 MB for one single 12-short-paragraph article." - gorhill, creator of uBlock Origin


Learn more: github.com/gorhill/uBlock/blob

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