Interesting new search engine I learned about: Okeano.

"We spend 80% of our profit to purchase as many river interceptors we can and deploy them to polluting rivers around the world."

"...we don't know who you are and it's impossible to tie your searches to you."

"Currently we support domain blocklisting and !waves (similar to DDG bangs)." -


especially this:

"We deliver all external content through a proxy. This means all content that is provided by other websites in our search results - such as images - go through our servers, removing all information that could be used to track you."

BUT where do the search results come from? Does not seam that tehy have an own search index but buy it by bing or so.

So basicly you search by bing if you use okeano...

it´s like Ecosia works

@Nachbarschaft yeah seems similar to Ecosia.. Some comments from the developer on Hacker News:

“It uses Bing as a backup and for most general search. We have our own index that focuses on specific communities, including HN.”

“When we can afford it -- we will definitely run multiple independent audits to verify our privacy claims. At the moment there isn't any simple way to do it. You'll have to take my word for it.”

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