Very cool -- is a new privacy-friendly Reddit frontend, similar to Invidious / YouTube, Bibliogram / Instagram, and Nitter / Twitter.

Source code:

- No JavaScript or ads
- All requests go through the backend, client never talks to Reddit
- Prevents Reddit from tracking your IP or JavaScript fingerprint
- Lightweight (teddit frontpage: ~30 HTTP requests with ~270 KB of data downloaded vs. Reddit frontpage: ~190 requests with ~24 MB)

Learned of another self-hostable, privacy-focused front end similar to Teddit called Libreddit.

Source code:

Differences as of now are:
- Libreddit mirrors Reddit’s redesign while Teddit mirrors the old.
- Libreddit is written in Rust while Teddit is in Node.js.

@andreas Nice one. I'm a bit bewildered by the bullshit currency addresses in the readme, but well.

I'll see to give it a try.

@andreas That looks really very good 👍 @Givou we need that on GGC Project,too...

@andreas That's great, I had been using xeddit before but it required js, so this is a welcome change. Now I'd only it would allow you to use a reddit account..

@andreas might be ridiculed for this, but is there something like this in the works for TikTok? I get a lot of TT links.. I've searched through github but nothing came of it

Definite improvement over the Reddit site

...but is there a way to make it show complete threads? It still has these "load more comments" links, which send you to separate pages with sub-sub-sub-threads, where you can't see what they were replying to. I get that indentation makes it hard to show the whole thing, but maybe reduce the amount of indentation, and show more of them? or stop indenting at some level? or just scroll sideways?

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