No surprise, Firefox appears to have Google set as the default geo provider for location services for some installations.

You can change this manually to use Mozilla's location services via `about:config`'s by updating the URL string to:

Or even a hard-coded longitude/latitude.

More here:

@andreas Fuck, my #Firefox #Fennec for #Android uses Google as a location provider even though I installed it from @fdroidorg. That should not happen! Plus I am unable to paste the clipboard into about:config.

@dsv @andreas

I cannot verify the existence of Google Admob in the @fdroidorg build of #Firefox/#Fennec, but I can see that instead of Mozilla Telemetry, it now contains two other trackers, #Adjust and #LeanPlum:

I tried to reinstall it and the scan still find admob. the app I scan with is warden which uses both the exodus database but also scan the app itself for trackers and loggers. im not an expert in how this works, but I personally chose to believe that warden is more accurate, better safe than sorry. to be honest I dont really miss fennec :)
I dont know why they find different thing in it.
@andreas @fdroidorg

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