Mozilla calls Medium a friend in their anti-establishment [1], and I’m reminded how Medium’s first party tracking is extremely user hostile [2].

“If you have uBlock or similar, it appears medium logs all analytics pings into HTML5 LocalStorage and will keep retrying to send them (and apparently periodically change domains and subdomains to try and send them). I had tens of thousands of entries in localStorage.”



@andreas Getting tinfoil hat vibes from Mozilla...

There's no reason to trust them with anything anymore when they are lying everywhere they can and engaging in this bullshity ad campaigns.

There's no "establishment". There's wild tech capitalism. Can't say "F U Google" tho when you survive on their money. You go say bs like "unfck the internet" when you're the culprit as you took the best browser out there and disemboweled it as you enriched C*O types with Google money.


@cadadr @andreas I can’t follow you at "when you're the culprit as you took the best browser out there and disemboweled it".

@frumble @andreas Firefox was a great competitive web browser and had a decent user share that could've grown. But with silly decisions like rewriting it in a language in beta state, breaking _all_ extensions when it was the main appeal to a lot of users, many privacy blunders, forcing decisions top to bottom, etc., they chased away that community. I finally gave up when they did the same again on mobile a few weeks ago.

Firefox's demise is Mozilla's fault. Bad goals, bad management, bad impl.

@frumble @andreas Not even talking about their careless and also partially unethical use of money.

If we had a strong, independent Firefox, we'd be much stronger in actually fighting ad tech and have a say in W3C. but Mozilla sold their users out for Chrome's. Took us for granted and broke Firefox.

@cadadr @andreas Göktuğ, you are mashing things massively together.
First, there are bus. decisions like high salaries, strange course with FF OS, very problematic dependence on G. default money etc.
But Firefox’ core needed a rewrite so badly, XUL was difficult to maintain too, add-on authors were increasingly focusing on Chromium API and Firefox’ performance was just not competitive anymore. Don’t speak for anyone, I value the modern Firefox browser, it’s not "broken" by any means. Mozilla is.

@cadadr @andreas Rust is a future-proof language what the whole industry is looking into. And modern Android Firefox got the same rewritten engine, which lead to massive speed improvements. Add-on support and feature regressions are being fixed version by version. They did a pretty nice work on this. You sound like a conservative by principle. There are some Mozilla-specific problems in all of this, but Firefox’ stand is on solid ground now.

@frumble @andreas User share disagrees.

When it comes to software, yes, I'm as conservative as it gets. It's my tools and I don't like my workflows broken.

Firefox broke my usage patterns many times over the ~decade I used it. I don't care about speed when I can't use my tools or I can't trust whether what I do today will be axed tomorrow.

Performance and features are not as big a deal as you and other people make it to be and the years long steep negative trend inf FF user share is a proof.

@cadadr @andreas Performance is the key to standard users, followed by UX, adaptability and so on. FF market share has plumbed because Google is loudly advertising its own browser on its services, even worse with preinstalled Chrome on Android. It’s not Mozilla’s fault, it’s a platform power issue. And some hackers with crude workflows aren’t making the huge user base of Firefox by a loooong shot.

@olivia @andreas Qutebrowser. It's beautiful. I'm still getting used to browsing in a modal fashion, but it's way better still.

I do keep FF around on desktop for occasional online shopping or for truly bullshity website, or for when I need to use my uni's library proxy (which is like almost never).

Adblock in Qute is somewhat lacky but a pretty decent one is coming soon

@cadadr @olivia @andreas oh true adblock in qute is great news, I might have to check it out again.

There's also LibreWolf, which is vv new but looks promising.

@acdw @olivia @andreas Crazy that we ended up needing a "demozillified firefox" a la "ungoogled chromium" 😞

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