My instance block list 

Here is the beginning of a thread that I'll update with what I have in my block list.

It basically revolve around thoses axis:
- literral Nazi
- Nazi enablers, non moderated place
- Pedos
- commercial instances and scams
- People working with/for the police
- harrasers and shitlords (and all their pet instances)

You don't have to look at my list.

You don't have to agree with my list.

You don't have to comment on why you don't like my list

You don't have to tell me why telling people I have a list is bad.

You don't don't have to, but if you do, you are helping yourself to get a nice comfy spot in my list.

(note: if your instance is on that list and you think it shouldn't, you can make a case for me taking it out. I also make mistake and sometime situations evolve over time)

My instance block list 

@kyzh was inspired by this and couldn't find a way to easily mass block domains through the UI (I would think it would be under `/admin/domain_blocks/new` unless I'm missing something?) 🤔 created a very scrappy Node script for doing this quickly:


My instance block list 

@kyzh I'm an idiot -- looks like I can do this via `settings/import` by importing a CSV

My instance block list 

@andreas you can but only for a user not an instance

My instance block list 

@kyzh Oh interesting... huh I wonder if importing domains to block for an instance is on the dev roadmap

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