Added a new column to my search engine comparison table for IP address sharing.

Noticed that some engines say they don't log your IP address but then go around and share it to retrieve search results or advertisements which isn't very clear to end users (calling you out,

Probably missing something but how is Qwant able to just store a "salted hash of your IP address" for 7 days while YouCare stores your full IP address for 1 year while *both* operate out of France? 🤔

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> French law requires us to keep your IP address and the dates and times of connection of this IP address for one year. After one year, we erase all of this information. -

> For data related to the queries, Qwant retains for 7 days the keywords of your query, associated with the User Agent of your browser, and a salted hash of your IP address... -

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