Some tips from the EFF (

Before the Protest
- Enable full-disk encryption on your device
- Remove fingerprint unlock and FaceID
- Install Signal
- Back up your data
- Buy a prepaid, disposable phone
- Consider biking or walking to the protest (to avoid Automated License Plate Reader Systems)

During the Protest
- Take photos and videos without unlocking your device
- Enable airplane mode

After the Protest
- Scrub metadata on photos

Bridgify may be a good app to have pre-installed also before going to a protest. It’s Bluetooth/peer-to-peer based with mesh network capabilities so you can still message friends (within ~300 feet) if your mobile network is too congested or offline.

Used in Hong Kong protests:

- Android:
- iOS:

@andreas also keep phone off during travel to and from. Pay with cash for any services when possible or use preloaded debit gift cards.

@erwincat Briar is great there’s but no iOS app for now 😞 if everyone in your group is using Android, then yeah, Briar would be good to use instead.

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