@andreas The first sentence in the form is "We believe in privacy" and yet . . . it's a Google Form. That's one of the many many reasons I can't stand OWS lol

@amolith yeah, they mention:

“Signal does not sell, rent, or monetize your personal data or content in any way—ever. The information you share with Signal Research is solely to improve Signal's products.

Signal Terms & Privacy Policy: signal.org/legal/“

But they don’t even include Google’s privacy policy since this is a Google Form, wtf? I must be missing something here. Are there not Google Forms / survey alternatives or something? 🤔

@amolith Or maybe they’re deliberately relying on Google infrastructure for security / ease of use for non-critical work idk

@andreas They tout privacy and security but all Moxie (and thus OpenWhisperSystems) truly cares about is security and they are not the same. I won't refute the fact that Google services are secure and that my data would be safe from malicious third-parties if stored there but there is not one ounce of privacy afforded by the practises they recommend.

@andreas I know I'm preaching to the choir here, the topic just gets me fired up 😅

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