Some desktop browsers with their search defaults:
- Chrome / Google
- Cliqz / Google
- Eolie / Google
- Firefox / Google
- Opera / Google
- Safari / Google
- Edge / Bing
- Vivaldi / Bing
- Waterfox / Bing
- Beaker / DuckDuckGo
- Brave / DuckDuckGo
- Epiphany (GNOME Web) / DuckDuckGo
- Falkon / DuckDuckGo
- Midori / DuckDuckGo
- Min / DuckDuckGo
- Otter / DuckDuckGo
- Pale Moon / DuckDuckGo
- SeaMonkey / DuckDuckGo
- Tor Browser / DuckDuckGo
- Wexond / DuckDuckGo
- Ephemeral / Startpage

@andreas Odysseus: DuckDuckGo

Though I hope to embrace a grander vision for search!

@alcinnz great to hear! And will give Odysseus a try, looks great.

@andreas You might be interested in Rhapsode too!

I'm attempting to implement my own browser engine(s) specifically for unusual I/O devices.

@andreas As long as you can change it to anything you want,I can accept it all.The really evil thing is that in Opera Mini you can't change the default to anything other than Google 🤢 And when I used desktop Opera the last time,only some predefined search engines could be set as default but not the ones I added myself.That was one of my main reasons to switch to Firefox where it's absolutely not a problem to add MetaGer,set it as default and delete all others 👍

@schubisu nice! A couple others I found:

- Iridium / Google
- Konqueror / Google
- Basilisk / DuckDuckGo

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