In 2017 some small ISPs signed a letter by the urging Congress to not repeal the FCC's Broadband Rules. Although the measure passed, we have the list of ISPs:

Sonic - -
Cruzio Internet -
Etheric Networks -
University of Nebraska -
CREDO Mobile -



Aeneas Communications -
Digital Service Consultants Inc. -
Om Networks -
Hoyos Consulting LLC -
Mother Lode Internet -
Gold Rush Internet -
Ting Internet -
Tekify Fiber & Wireless -
Davis Community Network -


Andrew Buker (Director of Infrastructure Services & Research computing, University of Nebraska at Omaha)
Tim Pozar (co-founder, TwoP LLC) -
Andrew Gallo (Senior Network Architect for a regional research and education network)
Jim Deleskie (co-founder, Mimir networks) -
Randy Carpenter (VP, First Network Group) -
Kraig Beahn (CTO, Enguity Technology Corp) -


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Chris Owen (President, Hubris Communications) -
James Persky (CEO, Pacific Internet) -
Brian Worthen, (CEO, Visionary Communications) -


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