PSA (domain block):

Within around a minute I was followed by 500+ bots from and then within another minute was unfollowed by all of them. Essentially a denial-of-service attack. Haven't seen or heard of that before.

> followed you
> followed you
> followed you
> followed you

@andreas you should report that and ask to get the instance blocked, it's gab

@canary Yeah, quickly after that occurred I was able to suspend that domain 👍

@andreas yeah, I had that yesterday.

I actually had to restart my phone because of all the notifications, and then the emails mirroring the notifications.

@magicalmilly Ugg yeah, same happened for me. Looking at the user list on, there are many more, similarly-named users/bots:

@andreas i'm calling that move 'forced federation' because that's the end result

@andreas same thing happened to me. Interesting... maybe this is just the first wave.

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