“ is scheduled to add a new user anti-fingerprinting technique to Firefox version 67, scheduled for mid-May.

Called "letterboxing," this new technique adds "gray spaces" to the sides of a web page when the user resizes the browser window, which are then gradually removed after the window resize operation has finished.

Letterboxing was originally developed for the Browser four years ago, in January 2015.”


“Letterboxing is currently available in Nightly.

The feature isn't enabled by default, though. Firefox users will first need to visit the about:config page, enter "privacy.resistFingerprinting" in the search box, and toggle the browser's anti-fingerprinting features to "true."”

@andreas @jalcine ist the article description bad, or is the workaround for ad trackers simply setTimeout(), and their fingerprinting is back?

@chucker @jalcine that’s a good question; I couldn’t find further details but I’d assume Mozilla would handle this simple workaround.

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