This comic by Jeff Lofvers ( reminds me of @aral's excellent video, "Surveillance capitalism has led us into a dystopia."

Watch it here:

@andreas @aral

#Surveillance an #BrainWashing is not limited to #Google or to #Capitalism, though.

Looks like the #Russian #Government is building right now a database of #security researcher and #privacy conscious people exploit one of the #JavaScript attacks we discussed some months ago (see details at but be careful of what you click as apparently the attack is still ongoing).

Yes, it's true: all #WHATWG browsers are from the #USA, but

@andreas @aral

If you build a #Trojan Horse^W^W precision #weapon^W^W broken software that blindly executes custom #JS from strangers and deploy it worldwide, it's obvious it will #backfire.

Thought it's worth noticing that this time the attack doesn't target a Nation, but people around the world and in particular Russians that can be tracked and identified through other websites.

So ultimately #Google and #Mozilla are enablers to #surveillance from power.

@andreas #transcription, 1/2:
"Great news! Google Chrome, the most popular desktop browser, is filtering out annoying ads!"
"That's fantastic, I hate those ads! Remind me again, who is the world's largest ad company?"
"And who makes Chrome?"
"And who will have final say which competitor's ads are blocked?"
"Sounds good to me. I hate those ads."

@andreas #transcription 2/2:
"Yup. The article didn't question Google's motivation, so I can't think of any reason to be wary of Google filtering content with their products."
"Will you send me that article?"
"Oh sure, I found it on Google News."
"Can you forward it to my Gmail account?"
"I'll do it with my Android phone."

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