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Some tips from the EFF (

Before the Protest
- Enable full-disk encryption on your device
- Remove fingerprint unlock and FaceID
- Install Signal
- Back up your data
- Buy a prepaid, disposable phone
- Consider biking or walking to the protest (to avoid Automated License Plate Reader Systems)

During the Protest
- Take photos and videos without unlocking your device
- Enable airplane mode

After the Protest
- Scrub metadata on photos

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"I became an Anarchist when I decided to drop the theories and stop seeking power. When I stopped concerning myself with those things I realised that true Anarchy is my nature. It is our nature. It is what we were doing before the theories arrived, it is what we were doing before we were encouraged to be in competition with each other."

- Benjamin Zephaniah, 'Why I Am an Anarchist'

It would be interesting to compare 3rd party trackers used on government websites across countries.

Went to check the air quality at and saw an attempted connection to Looking at a few more, Google is able to track users across



@andreas of course mozilla would shut down or neglect the features/services that people actually value, while putting more money into *trying to get people to care* about their other stuff is dead.

“Firefox Send was a promising tool for encrypted file sharing... Unfortunately, some abusive users were beginning to use Send to ship malware and conduct spear phishing attacks. This summer we took Firefox Send offline to address this challenge.

In the intervening period, as we weighed the cost of our overall portfolio and strategic focus, we made the decision not to relaunch the service.”

“The .gay registry donates 20% of every new name registered to LGBTQ organizations.”

“We have gone above and beyond industry standards and created a .gay Rights Protections Policy that discourages homophobic, anti-LGBTQ usage and provides specific, enforceable remedies for domains that intentionally use .gay to malign or harm LGBTQ individuals or groups.

The policy also bans recognized hate groups from using .gay domains.”

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Oh neat TIL

“.gay is a new generic top level domain name (gTLD). It launches into public availability on September 16 2020 (today), after a week long early access phase. Various registrars including GoDaddy are offering pre orders. Its official site is”

@andreas Activists should consider that Apple, Google, etc. will do this.

- Don't post location, event or activism to an untrusted cloud. OS vendor should not be considered trusted.

- Encrypt emails and messages outside of OS purview.

- Keep phones off from home to activism to home.

- Disable location services.

- Remove image and video meta / exif a start

“Apple granted the FBI access to the iCloud account of a protester accused of setting police cars on fire in this summer, according to court documents.”

“I wanted to make a list for all of us out there that don't like watching or reading things with really big hints of sexism in them. So this'll be a masterthread for that.“

DANGER: Official List of Anti-Feminist/Sexist Anime & Manga

Started in 2013 and last updated ~3 months ago.

Found on Reddit. An ocean theme for DuckDuckGo.

Config for

* Background Color:
* Header Color: #006494
* Result Title Color:
* Result Visited Title Color:
* Result Description Color:
* Result URL Color:
* Result Hover, Module, and Dropdown Background Color:

We'd quickly like to explain why we have to build the DDoS mitigation ourselves, how the progress is so far, and what you can expect as next steps. While improving anti DDoS measures, you'll be happy to know that we've also much reduced loading time. Thank you very much for your continuous support! 🙂

Oh. This is probably fine.

I'm sure your AWS server's RAM is inviolate.

<< Gen. Keith Alexander is joining Amazon’s board of directors, the company revealed in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing today. (Alexander has also been added to the company board’s official site.) A former director of the National Security Agency and the first commander of the US Cyber Command, Alexander served as the public face of US data collection during the Edward Snowden leaks >>

My instance block list 

Here is the beginning of a thread that I'll update with what I have in my block list.

It basically revolve around thoses axis:
- literral Nazi
- Nazi enablers, non moderated place
- Pedos
- commercial instances and scams
- People working with/for the police
- harrasers and shitlords (and all their pet instances)

You don't have to look at my list.

You don't have to agree with my list.

You don't have to comment on why you don't like my list

You don't have to tell me why telling people I have a list is bad.

You don't don't have to, but if you do, you are helping yourself to get a nice comfy spot in my list.

(note: if your instance is on that list and you think it shouldn't, you can make a case for me taking it out. I also make mistake and sometime situations evolve over time)

Becoming fascinated by AltStore: “an alternative app store for non-jailbroken iOS devices” with the ability to sideload apps 👀

> French law requires us to keep your IP address and the dates and times of connection of this IP address for one year. After one year, we erase all of this information. -

> For data related to the queries, Qwant retains for 7 days the keywords of your query, associated with the User Agent of your browser, and a salted hash of your IP address... -

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Probably missing something but how is Qwant able to just store a "salted hash of your IP address" for 7 days while YouCare stores your full IP address for 1 year while *both* operate out of France? 🤔

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Added a new column to my search engine comparison table for IP address sharing.

Noticed that some engines say they don't log your IP address but then go around and share it to retrieve search results or advertisements which isn't very clear to end users (calling you out,

If your software project relies on a package.json, "Version Lens" is a really helpful VSCode extension for keeping your Node modules up to date.

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