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"I became an Anarchist when I decided to drop the theories and stop seeking power. When I stopped concerning myself with those things I realised that true Anarchy is my nature. It is our nature. It is what we were doing before the theories arrived, it is what we were doing before we were encouraged to be in competition with each other."

- Benjamin Zephaniah, 'Why I Am an Anarchist'

A work-in-progress site for comparing search engines across data points that interest me 🙂

Whoa, this is awesome resource 😯 A curated list of technologies by the Humane Tech Community.

“This list focuses on (mostly open-source) projects that are directly related to humane tech topics.”

Learn more:

Remember in 2018 when Ghostery emailed their users about GDPR privacy policy updates and *forgot to blind carbon copy, exposing all emails in the To: field*?

I sent an email of complaint to the BBC about their use of CNAME cloaking, and now they have removed it from their site!

Just goes to show what actual communication with companies can do!

I don't really fault anyone for sticking with Gmail and playing it safe. In addition, transitioning to a new provider is a massive effort if you're already "established"; your email address is the digital version of your street address and I think it's honestly more work to switch mail providers than it is to move houses.


The problem can only be fixed by people leaving ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Here's a Firefox about:config rule for opening new tabs right next to the current one. Default behavior is appending to the end of the tab bar.

browser.tabs.insertAfterCurrent => true

“Local authorities in India-controlled Kashmir have opened a case against hundreds of people who used virtual private networks (VPNs) to circumvent a social media ban in the disputed Himalayan region...”

“Kickstarter workers are now the first white collar workers at a major tech company to successfully unionize in the United States, sending a message to other tech workers.”

The #SessionMessenger fork of #Signal uses the #LokiNet mixing network.
While a mixing network built on a blockchain that uses a capitalist game-theoretic Sybil protection scheme and its own coin for premium features should be a red flag by itself, this project seems to be deeply involved with the #AltRight and chan culture:
According to the successor of 8chan has been announced and is run on LokiNet as well.
So stay the fuck away from it.
/via @txt_file

Wire: “...being transparent in the age of privacy concerns.” -

Yet you *weren’t* transparent when you became a US-based company and tweaked your privacy policy without letting users clearly know. -

What if I told you what happened with Crypto AG 50 years ago is happening right now with ███████?

Efforts made in the 70’s to control cryptography < efforts made today to control electronic communications

#AppCenterForEveryone is 100% funded. What’s next? Learn how existing backers can get more swag, see how people who haven’t backed yet can still get the limited-edition perks, and hear some thoughts about stretch goals.

Wow, sounds like CloudFlare’s Customer Strategy and Ops wishes all their employees were veterans 🙄

Vetflare, Cloudflare's Military Veteran Employee Group Launches

Some for today ☀️

“Seven Hours With You” from Blue Dream by 猫 シ Corp.

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